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My Dream

 Do you think current education is fair to everyone? I don't think so. When I was in Korea, I prepared for one of the specialized high school and had an interview. They were supposed to ask science/math-related questions; however, they didn't. They asked me, "What is your parent's job?", "What's your family income?" I asked back. "I am just wondering. Why do you need those?"

 I appreciate them a lot because they helped me to think about how the current education system works. I decided not to go that specialized high school and tried to make my dream more specific and considered way to make it as real.

 There are quite a few of my friends who couldn't continue their school even if they worked hard. Jaeho, who is one of my best friends, is the one who studied very hard every day. He spent his time at the library more than at his home. However, he was not able to go to high school since his family cannot support his high school tuition and extra activities.

  I was looking for fair educational opportunities. Salman Khan, a founder at Khan Academy, impressed me a lot by his educational philosophy. "Education is the right everyone should enjoy, like clean air or water." This is the quote from Khan and I grew up with his idea of an educator for everyone. This is why I founded a non-profit organization to provide educational opportunities to all no matter which environment they currently in. I held free science seminars with professors, free science camp with sponsors and did more kinds of things. However, it was hard to make it in a day. I got lots of phone calls from rich family about asking help their child to have more extracurricular activities and they told me they will pay for me.

 I do not think that education is a condition for having an economically superior job. I think it is a human right to learn what I want to learn and enjoy the joy of knowing. I want to create an AI platform where everyone can learn what they want to learn under any circumstances. Under my lucky environment that I can continue to learn, I still feel the joy of learning. I believe that I can learn many things at school, not only academic but also educational philosophy and community. My ultimate goal is to return to those who want to learn using what I have learned.