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My name is Steven Yang. Welcome to my website. I am a sophomore student at Minerva University. Minerva is the most competitive undergraduate program in the United States and requires students to live in 7 different cities in the world in 4 years: San Francisco 🇺🇸, Seoul 🇰🇷, Hyderabad 🇮🇳, Berlin 🇩🇪, Buenos Aires 🇦🇷, London 🇬🇧, and Taipei 🇹🇼. In these global cities, we will be doing lots of local projects aka Civic Projects, and will be learning real society. 80% of the student body of Minerva comes from outside of the United States and altogether travel those cities. I believe this will allow me to expand my global insight and to think about concepts beyond any others do.

Dreaming to change our education in the future.

Again, welcome you being here.

Steven Yang.



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